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Tax Problems

Tax Resolution Services in Denver – 4Corner Business Services

Even though we pay taxes every year, the policies and opportunities surrounding them only seem to grow more complex. This makes it easy for people to file returns with errors, or they may not realize how much they owed. In any case, the IRS pays attention to returns that do not line up with their records.

When the IRS or state tax agency informs you of problems, or when your tax filing was inaccurate, we are on your side. 4Corner Business Services offers tax problem resolution to address simple or complex issues, with the goal of setting your records straight.

Why Would I Need Tax Resolution?

Our Denver tax team works with you to amend incorrect returns, pay back taxes, and organize paperwork in the face of an audit. No matter the scenario or the complexity of the problem, we are your ally.

We resolve a variety of tax issues for both business owners and individuals. Whether a tax agency has notified the client of money owed, or if the client has recognized a past filing is in error. Since the IRS is free to audit or obtain funds through various means, any improper returns put people and businesses at risk. The IRS and state tax authorities may pursue funds for the following reasons:

  • Back Taxes
  • Delinquent Tax Returns
  • Failure to File a Tax Return

4Corner Tax Solutions for Personal and Business Finances

With every tax problem, we look to understand our client’s situation fully. Once we know how much is owed and the direct source of the issues, we deliver a practical solution. Our 4Corner Business Services team is methodical in collecting forms and paperwork and communicates directly with you for anything needed.

Many clients fear the worst when they receive a tax problem notice, but in most cases, we can help. Although some tax problems can be resolved, resulting in a favorable outcome, there is no guarantee the amount owed is reversible.

Contact Our Denver, CO Team for IRS Tax Help

Visit our office or call us to set up a meeting. Our friendly and down-to-earth staff are here to help you eliminate tax problems and feel secure in your financial standing. We look forward to hearing from you!

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